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Personal Insurance Department

At William Rittenhouse Insurance Agency, we work with families and individuals to provide affordable insurance protection that will cover your personal property and liability exposures. The following is a list of PERSONAL INSURANCE LINE products and options that we offer. Please note that it is not all-inclusive. We are highlighting some of the more-commonly requested insurance coverages, available through William Rittenhouse Insurance Agency.

Preferred & Non-standard
A type of insurance which protects the insured against losses involving automobiles. Different coverages can be purchased depending on the needs and wants of the insured, e.g., the Liability coverages of Bodily Injury Liability, Property Damage Liability, and Medical Payments, and the Physical Damage coverages of Collision and Comprehensive


A Property and Liability Insurance contract that provides insurance against any of the Property and Liability perils to which a homeowner or renter is exposed.

Tenant’s Package Policy
Coverage for an insured against legal liability for bodily injury or property damage caused to others by negligence and arising out of the ownership, maintenance, or use of the premises designated in the policy and all operations necessary or incidental to those premises. A form of Premises and Operations Liability Insurance designed to cover premises where the public is invited. The OL&T form has largely been replaced by the Commercial General Liability Coverage Form.

Landlord Coverage
If you own a one- to four-family dwelling that you rent to others, William Rittenhouse Insurance Agency has a coverage package tailored to fit your needs.

Recreational Vehicles

Yachts and Motorboats
Insurance providing Hull coverage and Protection and Indemnity Liability coverage on pleasure boats. It is usually written on an all-risk basis for Hull coverage, although named-perils forms are sometimes used.

ATV, Snowmobile, Boat, Motorcycle, Motorhome
Hitting the open road for adventure? Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance from William Rittenhouse Insurance Agency will keep things worry-free as you enjoy your motorhome, fifth wheel, travel trailer, tent trailer, camper, ATV, snowmobile or other off-road vehicle.


Life Insurance
Individual life insurance coverages and benefits come in the form of a death or retirement fund.


Accident and Health

A form of health insurance against loss by bodily injury. A broad term describing protection from loss due to illness or injury, resulting in loss of life, loss of earnings, or expenses incurred. Within the broad area of health insurance, there are several major coverages which focus on more specific needs, for example, accident insurance, disability income insurance, hospitalization insurance, and sickness insurance.

Personal Umbrella Liability Policy
Have you ever considered the possibility of a lawsuit that could cost you millions of dollars in damages, expenses and defense costs? A William Rittenhouse Insurance Agency Liability Policy is designed to provide an additional layer of personal liability protection over the limits set by your basic insurance policies.

As independent agents, we strive to know which insurance companies have the best products and which policies are best for a specific client's needs. We have chosen to represent the following insurance companies, and occasionally use others to fill a particular need: