Business & Personal Insurance

Mission Statement

I. Mission
William Rittenhouse Insurance Agency’s mission is to sell and service all forms of insurance by representing the best carriers in the industry, by maintaining a superior client base, by hiring and retaining the most qualified employees available, and by providing all agency personnel with the training and tools available to give the very best possible service to our clients and companies.

II. Assets and Responsibilities
The success of the agency will depend on the maintenance of its basic assets and its dedication to meeting is fundamental responsibilities. The basic asserts are composed of two items; people and reputation. To assure that these assets thrive, there must be a commitment to the three major areas of responsibilities: to its clients, to its companies, and to its employees.

To our clients, we have the responsibility to define their exposures and offer advice on the transferring of all or part of their risk to an insuring company. We should be able to offer this protection of assets at a competitive premium through stable insurance markets. We also need a professional staff to service the ongoing needs of our clients.

Secondly, we must meet our responsibilities to our insurance markets. We should offer complete and well- researched data to the underwriters. It should be of the class of business that is desired by the underwriter. Our marketing efforts should offer our markets the ability to make a reasonable profit.

Our third responsibility is also one of our basic assets; our people. We owe our employees a career path offering the opportunity for advancement and job security. We must have the commitment to provide educational opportunities, competitive wages, effective management, guidance, and a safe and healthy working environment.

All activities should be aimed towards the maintenance and improvement of our assets. Nothing should be allowed to exist that might weaken these assets. We should also monitor our activities to assure achievement of our major responsibilities.