Business & Personal Insurance

Our Specialty Lines

William Rittenhouse Insurance Agency
designs, markets, and underwrites Management and Professional Liability insurance products tailored for the unique exposures faced by today’s organizations and professionals. Our financial integrity as an industry leader provides your organization with an unsurpassed security in coverage along with competitively priced premiums and local service relationships.

As a general contractor or sub contractor, you need General Liability Coverage for your job site and completed product or service.

Farmowners insurance policies provide a predefined package of protection against loss of property from a number of perils and against liability claims that may arise out of ownership of your home, personal , farming or ranching activities. If you have an additional business in your home, see our Commercial Insurance Departments page.

Townships & Municipalities
William Rittenhouse Insurance Agency serves local governmental and other specialty entities on both a direct and reinsurance basis. These entities include municipalities and townships, contractors and manufacturers, and various service providers. Our governmental and specialty insurance coverage programs are enhanced by the seasoned expertise of our professional staff and the staff of our affiliates.

Volunteer Fire Departments & Ambulance Services
William Rittenhouse Insurance Agency offers a comprehensive multi line policy that addresses the unique coverage requirements of volunteer fire departments and ambulance services.